Bar Equipment
  • drink tray non slip
    drink tray non slip
  • Drink Trays
    Drink Trays
    D:200 / 300 / 400mm
    stainless steel
  • wine Bucket
    wine Bucket
    stainless steel
  • Punch Bowl and Ladle
    Punch Bowl and Ladle
    stainless steel C:12 Litres
  • Ice Scoop and Tongs
    Ice Scoop and Tongs
    stainless steel
  • Cocktail Shaker
    Cocktail Shaker
    stainless steel C:500ml
  • Tru Pourer
    Tru Pourer
  • Champagne Fountain
    Champagne Fountain
    H:740mm C:9 Litres
    colours: gold / silver
  • domestic blender
    domestic blender
  • Ice Tub
    Ice Tub
    H:270 W:400 L:645 C:45 Litres
    colours: black, white
  • breakage bin
    breakage bin
    H:397mm W:413mm L:645mm C:68 Litres
  • Commercial Opener
    Commercial Opener