Kitchen Accessories
  • Coffee Plungers
    Coffee Plungers
    colours: gold / silver 12 cup
  • coffee and tea pots
    coffee and tea pots
    stainless steel C:1.5 Litre / 2 Litre
  • salt and pepper grinder set
    salt and pepper grinder set
  • Platters
    stainless steel D:300mm / 350mm / 400mm / 460mm / 510mm / 560mm / 610mm / 650mm
  • Melamine Platters
    Melamine Platters
    oval black or white D:21" / 530mm
  • melamine platter
    melamine platter
    white square: 380mm rectangular: 440 x 270mm
  • Cake Stand and Trowel
    Cake Stand and Trowel
  • Three Tier Cake Stand
    Three Tier Cake Stand
  • Mixing Bowls
    Mixing Bowls
    C:13 Litre
  • Baskets
    wire bread basket W: 245 H:85mm
  • Baskets
    assorted sizes
  • Boiler
    6.7L / 35L / 40L / 60L
  • Ham Stands
    Ham Stands
  • table number stands
    table number stands
    stands H:380mm / 450mm holder H:5cm
  • tongs
    salad tongs
  • tongs
    standard kitchen tongs long handled tongs
  • Waitress Tray
    Waitress Tray
    laminated W:450mm L:600mm laminated W:490mm L:380mm plastic W:350mm L:450mm
  • Baking Dish and Tray
    Baking Dish and Tray
    assorted sizes
  • Cutting Board
    Cutting Board
    W:50mm L:600mm
  • Gravy Boat
    Gravy Boat
  • napkin dispenser
    napkin dispenser
  • Serving Utensils
    Serving Utensils
    various utensils