• round
    seats 6-8 D:1200mm (4ft)
    seats 8-10 D:1500mm (5ft)
    seats 10-12 D:1800mm (6ft)
  • banquet
    seats 8: 1200x1800mm
    seats 10: 900x2400mm
    seats 12: 1200x2100mm
    seats 12: 1200x2400mm
  • oval
    seats 10-12: 1200x2400mm
  • flatfold and raisers
    flatfold and raisers
    seats 6 L:1800mm (6ft)
    seats 8 L:2100m (7ft)
    seats 10 L:2400mm (8ft)
    raisers H:210mm
  • preparation table
    preparation table
    stainless steel 750x2100mm
  • espresso round white
    espresso round white
    H:735 D:685mm
    seats 4 white
  • espresso round black
    espresso round black
    H:735 D:685mm
  • island bar table black
    island bar table black
    H: 1125 D: 685mm
    round black
  • le cafe round
    le cafe round
    seats 4 D:94cm
  • Island bar table white
    Island bar table white
    H: 1125 D: 685mm
    round white
  • accent timber
    accent timber
    seats 4 700x700mm
  • Tapas Table
    Tapas Table
    1200H x 460W x 1900L
  • side table
    side table
    coloured covers available
    square: white 600mm sq x 450mm high Colours: white, black, natural
  • Industrial Cafe Table
    Industrial Cafe Table
    60cm D x 75cm H